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Welcome to the most diverse, competitively-priced edible selection in the Gallatin Valley!

We offer pre-orders for clients with specific needs and almost any product imaginable. From coffee and soda syrups to infused popcorn and candies there is almost nothing you won't see on our menu. If there is than make a suggestion and your likely to have a tailored product and treatment plan in your hands within a few days.

We offer much more than just baked goods but have cooking essentials so you can infuse to your own dietary needs. Many organic, gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free and vegan options available. Diverse CBD edible collection as well.

Dosing instructions

All of our products are 5mg. to 250mg does. Dosing raises in increments of 10mg.

Baking options

100 to 1000mg doses

Nourishing Snacks

10mg to 200mg doses

We believe in a healthy lifestyle which is why we offer more than just sugary treats.

Sweet treats

Drinks, syrups, and sauces!