Ganja Goddess provides medical cannabis as essential healing medicine to our patients, which means every detail counts. Every step of our process, from organic-grow to your medicine cabinet, is meticulously managed by our staff to guarantee the best personally-tailored medical cannabis experience. 

Ganja Goddess truly cares about helping our patients along their cannabis healing journey. We do everything in our power to accommodate healing, uphold our integrity in patient service and product quality, and communicate with our patients to provide the most lasting and loving cannabis dispensary experience.

Specialty Full-Spectrum CBD Products

Ganja Goddess offers a variety of Full-Spectrum CBD Products that are completely THC free and fully available to the public.

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Quality and Care

Ganja Goddess’ organically grown bud is raised with the same love and care we offer to our patients.

 Patients can come to their dispensary, enjoy the safety and comfort of their facility and rest assured that Ganja Goddess’ staff is happy and able to answer any questions. We stay on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry in both knowledge and products and proudly pass that knowledge on to our patients.

Ganja Goddess continually innovates and hand-crafts new medical marijuana and full spectrum CBD products for our patients. We cater to every type of health concern and dietary restriction, often creating custom-request edibles for our patients.


While the Goddesses have served the Montana community as caregivers since 2013, they officially opened Ganja Goddess in December 2016 when Montana revamped their medical marijuana legislation. 

The founding Goddess grew medical marijuana to help her father when he was suffering from cancer and witnessed first-hand the power of medical cannabis. An entrepreneur at heart, she saw the potential to open a dispensary and help other people overcome obstacles to find lasting and daily health. 

Thus, Ganja Goddess was born to provide the highest quality cannabis and cannabis-related products to patients all over Montana.