1. What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound of cannabis. CBD can be extracted from organic hemp to have all the good parts of the plant but THC, which is what you'll find in our shop. This means that our CBD products have zero THC and none of the psychoactive, or "stoney" effects of traditional cannabis.

CBD works by interacting with cells in both the the brain and nervous system. These molecules are called cannabinoid receptors (CB1 & CB2). The relationship between these cells and receptors is thought to affect the immune system. For example, CBD may prevent the body from metabolizing anandamide, a compound associated with pain regulation. So, maintaining high levels of anandamides in your bloodstream may reduce your feelings of pain.

CBD is also thought to limit inflammation within the body, which may also help reduce pain and other immune system responses.

2. How is CBD different than THC?

Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids which may help with pain and other health issues, but they have different properties and applications. THC is psychoactive, which means it will give you that "stoney" effect that we all know about. THC is also a controlled substance and therefore its legality varies per state. CBD is non-psychoactive, however, and legal in all 50 states. There is no cap to how much CBD you can take, and may even work for your pets as well!

3. What dosage should I choose for myself?

Dosage truly varies greatly between patients- someone could take 2mg, all the way up to 1000mg. We recommend a starting dose of about 5mg, and then working your way up if more is needed.

4. What treatment would you recommend for anxiety?

We recommend ingestibles such as our special proprietary blend tinctures, or our CBD edibles. Our Calming Blend contains essential oils targeted for sleep and anxiety- give that a try! CBD should also be taken daily so it can build up in your system over time and provide consistent relief.

5. What treatment would you recommend for pain?

We recommend an inside and out method for pain. This consists of ingestibles, such as our tinctures and edibles (the Recovery or Anti-Inflammatory Blend would be perfect) taken daily. Paired with out special proprietary salves, this treatment method can be very effective for pain, aches, and spasms.