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Here you will find an easy guide to our 40+ specialty, medicinal strains of cannabis. All of our strains are organically grown in Bozeman, MT.

Availability may vary due to harvest times and patient demand, so feel free to give us a call with specific questions.

Ganja Goddess features for purchase anywhere from 15-25 flower strains, dozens of edibles, tinctures, concentrates, cartridges, pre-rolled joints, and plenty more cannabis options. We work hard to craft a wide variety of medical marijuana options to address the largest spread of health concerns. Ganja Goddess’ specialty strains Ozone, Pure Kush, and Montana Silver Tip break the 30% mark in THC content, and our cultivators refined a specialty line of concentrates and ailment-specific topicals for different needs. We also offer a full range of full-spectrum CBD (no card needed for purchase!) and Rick Simpson Oil products. 

Whether seeking out a discreet selection of vape cartridges or looking for  long-lasting, high-quality consumables, Ganja Goddess provides Montana medical marijuana patients with nothing but the finest. All Goddess products complete their quality assurance lab testing at Fidelity Diagnostics.

ATTENTION: This store does NOT sell Marijuana or any THC products, no exceptions. Dismiss